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Ultimate Dream Destination

3 Stars – Dream Vacation

Obviously, every stylish, vivacious, and classy broad like me needs to go on crazy vacations every once in a blue moon. My personal dream destination would to be to get out of this crazy Chicago town and go West to somewhere warmer!

For this assignment, …

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Little Words, Big Meanings

3 Stars

I thought using some meaningless words would not get the point across properly until I started thinking about myself “WWSSD” aka what would Sylvia Stone do? Then I got to thinking about my girls, my maNOIRpulator girls and our shenanigans. So the words I picked were (1) Crazy …

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How to Open a Lock Tutorial

4 stars

For this video assignment, I decided to do a tutorial for opening a lock in 30 seconds (or less!). I was successful at completing this task. To record, I used my photobooth app on my laptop and moved them over into iMovie so I could do overlapping …

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Essay… in the form of Video

First off, I’m going to start this by apologizing for the amount of um’s and hair flips you’re about to witness.

For this assignment, I decided to go ahead and pick a scene from the movie “A Postman Only Rings Twice”. My first thought was to go ahead and YouTube …

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