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Video Show

A Video Show This Week?

Bet you guys didn’t expect to see one of these this week. Thanks to the graciousness and understanding of head agents Groom, Bond, Black and Burtis, my team was given an extension on our video show. Jota, Johnny, and I didn’t have schedules that worked well together last week and …

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Week 2 Video Show

Week 2 on our video and we encountered a small problem. We were supposed to shoot the video this week but none of us could meet up this week to finish the task. Weddings, work, internships, classes, and varsity sports practices all got in our way this week. Luckily for …

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Mia is M.I.A. and I’m Tied Down Now?

I WANT MIA BACK. Seriously. How the hell does she do all of this? And why the hell did I get dragged into this shit DURING THE HARDEST WEEK? Seriously. I’ve never been more stressed out over anything…and this isn’t even my job. LABOR WAS BETTER THAN THIS. Ok. Whatever. …

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On Tuesday, Stella, Mick, Jack, me….and Billy met to begin discussing our reunion show.  It was a shit show. we’re so comfortable with each other that we were writing some CRAZY THINGS that the professors would probably admit us to a psych ward or something if they knew. Thank god …

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Video Show Plan

For this week and next week, Landon Epperly, Jack Eaton, and I chose to do option 2 and make a video show with our characters. We will be continuing the story that we started with our radio show. (if you haven’t listened to it, you really should…just sayin’). Here’s our …

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Beause We Need To Know How Thirsty Blair Got After NNTF

Gues who’s baaaaack?! WE ARE. Noir Not the Father is meeting again to create a video project. We are super excited and it should hopefully live up to our radio show.

Our plan is to have  NNTF Reunion show, where we bring everyone back and talk about what has happened …

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