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Ultimate Dream Destination

3 Stars – Dream Vacation

Obviously, every stylish, vivacious, and classy broad like me needs to go on crazy vacations every once in a blue moon. My personal dream destination would to be to get out of this crazy Chicago town and go West to somewhere warmer!

For this assignment, …

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Oh, The Place I’d Go!

Even if I had all the money in the world, my dream travel destination would not change. And, it is not a common vacation spot either, trust me! However, it has sentimental attachment for me, which is exactly why I would want to visit Cambridge, Massachusetts. During my senior year …

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Dublin with Dad.

It has been nagging at me for going on 10 years! Though I am probably no more than about 2 percent Irish, my desire to travel there has been growing more and more fervent the further away I am.

My dad shared with me his love for music since the …

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Lucky me

For this assignment Where do you want to go? I would love to and have dreamed about going to Ireland. I just did a bucket list for my friends Inter Varsity activity and my first thing was to travel the world and most importantly go to Ireland first! I am …

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