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I’m a Bee

This is for the “Create a Music Video” video assignment.  For whatever reason, when I saw this assignment post, I thought of that terrible Black Eyed Peas song, Imma Be.  Whenever I heard that song when it was popular, all I could think of was that it sounded like the …

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My Kind of Princess!

If this is what the future of Disney has in store for there princesses, then I must be living in the wrong decade!

The best part of taking over Amy’s computer this weekend has been delving into her life for a change! The tables have turned and I am taking …

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Uptown Funk Parody Cover

This video assignment can be found here:                                              Create Your Own Music Video

I decided to complete this video assignment to fulfill the requirement in creating a video that relates to our character in some way. If you look back at my group’s radio show Inside Talking, you will notice …

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Take Me To Church – A Music Video


I just wanted to crawl (or flip) into bed. Once again I chose to do a video for music but this assignment was different. It wanted an actual music video and I decided on incorporating my noir character and another. In all honesty I have no idea who else …

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