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Odell Beckham

For this assignment (worth 5 stars), I made a highlight reel of Odell Beckham Jr., my (Ami speaking) favorite football player. I found clips online and compiled them into a video, finally adding Power by Kanye West as the music.

The Giants are my team. I don’t indulge in things …

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Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Lebron is my favorite CURRENT player, but as far as stats, achievements and all-around skill; MJ has all other players beat.  This highlight reel shows MJ in his prime and proves his dominance of the game of basketball.

While I …

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Touchdown – Steelers

For the first 5 of my 15 stars I chose to do “Highlight Reels” – I couldn’t just choose one person though! I love my Steelers and it takes “teamwork” so I couldn’t leave anyone out. Still holding the record for the most Super-Bowl Wins!!

It took some research and …

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Video Assignements

For the first assignment i completed, I chose to do a highlight reel for one of my favorite athletes.

Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athete, set it to some music, and add an intro

5 Stars!

For this assignment I picked Alex Ovechkin …

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Highlight Reels

5 stars Her name is called Ronda Rousey. Rose King, my character, resembles her a lot. She has overcome many battles just like Rousey. My character used to have a run in with drugs  a long time ago before she found what she was meant to do. That was to …

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