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Words…. Story…. Pictures

For this assignment I had to pick words that I could make a story out of and find pictures then create a video. I figured I would make something that I love most in life so I used the words 1. Margaret (I have to be included, of course) 2. …

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Little Words, Big Meanings

3 Stars

I thought using some meaningless words would not get the point across properly until I started thinking about myself “WWSSD” aka what would Sylvia Stone do? Then I got to thinking about my girls, my maNOIRpulator girls and our shenanigans. So the words I picked were (1) Crazy …

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Oh word!

For one of my assignments this week, I chose to do the assignment, A word…a picture…a story, that was submitted by Kierra Morris.

The assignment is to, “Chose up to 5-10 words..just randomly pick them don’t over think it just chose these words out of the blue. Then do …

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