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Introductory-level Delia

A quick little video that I put together for this 4.5 banana assignment. I definitely didn’t do multiple takes or edit the video in any way. Nope, just all me and my raw talent. One hundred percent.

Anyway- let’s not talk about the video for now. How are you …

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Layla Arkwood ~ I Am Me

This assignment was fun. I had to create a video that explained who I am or, well, who Layla Arkwood is. It was very nice filming everything and cutting them together. This was a more relaxed assignment and I actually enjoyed it.

I’m not completely dangerous. I mean, you should …

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Who I am-George Bozo

I picked this 4.5 star assignment and I did in on the character of George Bozo, he is Barbara Hall’s 1940’s character.  I read everything I could about George and I made a PowerPoint and converted it to a WMV file so that I could post it on YouTube.  I …

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