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The Sleuths Are Now On Screen!

Our radio show group decided to team up again for this video project on Monday. We started throwing around different plot ideas for the show on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday was the day where we worked out the plot, different scenes, and locations where we can shoot the video. …

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Video Assignment

Four of us out of our group decided to work together to make a video. Thanks to Patrick, who started the  by setting up the google doc. We have all contributed to the ideas and script for the video, but Patrick had taking the leadership role for the video.

I …

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Video Show Progress

4 out of the 6 people in my radio show group including myself decided we wanted to create some sort of video show. We had all sorts of ideas lined up but at the end we found one. We had a lot of interaction on twitter and Google Docs to …

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Inside Talking Video Update

Instead of doing the video assignments, Christine Loehr, Landon Epperly and I teamed up to continue and hopefully conclude the story behind Inside Talking. We had to organize our group as quickly as possible and decide on our approach to our video episode. In addition, each group member must produce …

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Tune Squad Takes on The Mafia

Due to popular demand of how much we loved our group..THE TUNE SQUAD IS BACK!

Though this time we are taking it to the big screen and coming at you with a video instead of a radio show.

We sadly lost a important member, Gambino, but the Tune Squad is …

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Video Progress

This week has been a planning week for the Steadfast Sleuths video project. We met on Wednesday for a few hours and wrote out a plot for the video episode, which was harder than I thought it would be. We realized early on that this was harder than making a …

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Video Show Plan

For this week and next week, Landon Epperly, Jack Eaton, and I chose to do option 2 and make a video show with our characters. We will be continuing the story that we started with our radio show. (if you haven’t listened to it, you really should…just sayin’). Here’s our …

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The Steadfast Sleuths Triumphant Return

I am excited and proud to announce my creation of the Steadfast Sleuths Video Trailer! In this trailer I wanted to make sure I alluded to the plot without giving too much away. I found that it was tricky to create a video during the time we were creating our …

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Beause We Need To Know How Thirsty Blair Got After NNTF

Gues who’s baaaaack?! WE ARE. Noir Not the Father is meeting again to create a video project. We are super excited and it should hopefully live up to our radio show.

Our plan is to have  NNTF Reunion show, where we bring everyone back and talk about what has happened …

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Your Plan just got Foiled

So clearly from the trailer I posted yesterday, I chose to complete choice 2 for the video assignments this week. I am working with Kim and Kayleigh to create a sequel to The Steadfast Sleuths, so that maybe we can clear up some loose ends, or maybe just create more. …

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