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Are you hiring?

Vinny D is looking for a job.  He is a great worker and knows exactly how to execute the plan!  He is precise, persistent and ambitious.  Would you hire Vinny D?

This is an assignment from the Assignment Bank where the instructions are to create a resume for a fictional …

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A #NoirWeThereYet Poster

This ” #NoirWeThereYet” is just a tag that we (our radio show group) have been using to keep up with each other on Twitter regarding our radio show.  It is a way for us to stay public so that the professors may get involved if need be and is easier …

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Vinny D.

Vincenzo DeMartino is Sicilian born and raised.  He and his family came to the states for his father’s work, and never left the place.  They now reside in downtown New York City.  He was born on March 11, 1971.  Most call him Vinny, Vin or Vinny D; MOST being his …

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