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Worth 2.5 stars, for one of my visual assignments I decided to do Shakespearean LOL Cat. Basically what you had to do was take a picture of a cat and put a quote from Shakespeare that had to do with what was going on in the picture.  This one …

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2.5 Stars

So I totally decided to do the Shakespearean LOLcats visual assignment because WHO DOESN’T LOVE LOLcats?! And it goes hand in hand with my love for animals! Here is it!

I chose this picture because when I think of cats I always think of what they get …

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Cats can be evil too

The first visual assignment that I chose for this week is the Shakespearean LOLcat.  It’s worth 2.5 stars and I chose it because it looked like fun to do!  It was hard finding a picture that was cute and accurate for a quote at the same time so I …

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