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Back To The Basics

This assignment was called Back to the Basics. It was simply to take a photo and remove the color to make it look like it was stenciled. I used the app called picsart to do this editing to this photo. This photo represents my character Conway Adams and Stephen Weidman’s …

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Back to Basics

Back to Basics visual assignment. Two stars.


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Stencil Pup

Back to Basics: 2 points

This assignment was to take a picture and make it look like you drew it. This picture is that of my dog staring out the window but yet making life easy for her by resting her head on the couch. When using the filter to …

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Lily Stencil

For the Visual Assignment “Back to Basics” I had to find a photo I have taken and remove the color from the photo so that it would look like a stenciled image instead of a photograph. The brightness of the lily and lily pads contrasting with the dark …

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Back to the Basics

This assignment was to take a picture and change it so that it looks like it was drawn. I chose this picture of Bella, a labrador retriever I bought my brother for graduation. The filter did a very nice job of focusing on her darker features such as her eyes.…

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That’s sketch…


The sketch filter always makes the subject almost unrecognizable. The focus suddenly becomes 2-D instead of 3-D and it looses the shadows and highlights of the normal camera.…

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