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HoN Getaways is still on the look for Monica Smith with the missing NoirCat. I have made this wanted poster to get the word out. Hopefully this will help us find NoirCat soon. Email if you have any information.

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Wanted Poster


Please spread this around. My manager really needs to talk with him, so if you see him, my contact info is I’ll make sure the contact is not an imposter and then forward it to my manager. Thanks!

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Wanted: Tall, Dark, and Handsome

For my second collaborative character assignment I chose to do the “WANTED Poster” assignment worth two and a half points. For this assignment you were to use an online poster maker and create a wanted poster for a character of your choice. I chose to make the wanted poster of …

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Wanted: Kidnapper

Someone’s gotta get this guy. Someone who knows the true value of a dutch oven.

I grabbed his picture from the video with MPEG Streamclip and trimmed out the background in Photoshop. I googled for the border and the background layer, but I didn’t keep track of where I found …

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My Professor has been hiding his location, not just from me, but the entire ds106 community. Even Jim Groom doesn’t know where he is… Somewhere in the Pennsylvania mountains.  We need to find his location to make sure he is wearing pants, (inside joke) right Jim? This is my second …

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Wanted: Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick

WANTED: Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick. McCormick is wanted in all of Boston for gambling with fraudulent money. McCormick has put down thousands of dollars in counterfeit money for gambling has come out losing nothing but fake money and winning real money. It is believed that he is heading to Las …

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