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Designer Donnie

Designer Donnie’s starting to have a nice ring to it. Everyone’s a writer nowadays. Maybe I’ll pick up a new trade. One that’s a bit more lucrative. I never cared for writing novels. That’s where the big bucks are for…
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Thought of warning a few of the scoundrels we may pick up during our work.

Stirrup Trouble will turn your world upside down, and pull all the skeletons out of your closet if we need to. Being a widower, I don’t want to see any relationship take a wrong turn. …

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I made a warning poster for the maNIORpulators! (3 stars) I thought some people should get a fair warning to watch out for us. Hopefully it will keep some more men in-line.

I made it on Word, using wordart and importing our logo and pictures.

It was really easy and …

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Hit Me Warning Poster

3 Stars

This has been a warning brought to you by the Hit Me Agency. Keep your eyes out, and trust no one.

I wanted to make a warning poster for my agency so here it is. I started with the noir themed background. To be there is something symbolic …

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Create A Warning Poster

Create a poster warning people of some sort of danger. It can be a danger that isn’t ever present, like the lochness monster, or something really elaborate, like beware falling off of a rhino into a bath of lizards and Shia Lebouf. Have fun with it and get as …

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Beware Lawrence Spitler Poster

3 stars
Beware of Lawrence Spitler! A true ladies man.

I decided to create a poster about Lawrence after our radio show. In our show, as well as his character description, he is one with the ladies. Has a different woman every night and only leaves tears and heartbreak. All …

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Collab: Layla and Damon’s Warning Poster

This assignment required you to create a warning poster for anything. I decided to use this as a collaboration between Jonathan Polson’s noir character and my own. It is a slight continuation of my group’s radio show which can be found here. It ended with Damon and Layla escaping …

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Here is the warning sign assignment that is three points. I wanted to do something funny and literal so I took and interesting warning image and explained it literally.

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