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Visualizing Emerson’s Words

This is the Poetry Art assignment calling for a visual landscape to be applied to the text of a poem to better explain its meaning. It’s a three point assignment.

I’ve been reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature as of late, so I decided to pull a quote from there as …

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Seeing Light Through the Darkness

When scrolling through the assignment bank this week, I didn’t have to look far in order to find one that piqued my interests.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had to read a lot of children’s books, being a father.  So I immediately thought of those books, and how my child …

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The Swing

I really like how pictures can influence what words mean to a person. One of the visual assignments that I did was Poetry Art worth 3 stars. The poem that I picked was one that has always been a favorite of mine from my childhood. The picture that I chose …

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Poetry Art

(3 stars)
I found this poem awhile ago on tumblr and it really spoke to me. Emotions for me are hard to explain. I know what I am feeling, but when it comes time to explain it with words my mind goes blank.

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The Street Girl


Time was when I’d gladly have listened,
Before I was tainted with shame,
But it wouldn’t be fair to you honey;
Men laugh when they mention my name.Back there on the farm in Nebraska,
I might have said yes to you then,
But I thought the world was a…

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Dust of Snow

I was really excited to do the Poetry Art Visual Assignment for three stars. In general, I don’t really care for poetry. Reading Pablo Neruda in high school was a painful and embarrassing experience. However, I have always had a soft spot for Robert Frost. I really love his poetry …

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