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What’s In Lena’s bag?

This assignment was a required assignment on the character we made up and it was worth 3 points. Here is the link to the assignment:

In Lena’s bag there are only a few things. She’s a simple person and only carries the essentials with her!

1. Blistix – This …

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Marcus Jackson’s Retribution: Getting ready for his journey

This is the Whats-In-your-bag assignment 3 – points

This is scene is happens immediately Marcus’ altercation with the mobsters in the hotel. Marcus decides to go home. Before he does that, he needs some supplies……

Marcus just left hotel. Still shaken up from nearly getting shot, he decided think …

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Missing man’s backpack

I decided to do the “empty your bag” assignment from the perspective of my noir character, Jim Sardic.  I observed my backpack’s contents as an investigator would who is looking for the person who owns it and is going through his stuff.  It seemed like a fitting prompt for noir …

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What’s in the Bag Jack?


For my last character assignment of the week, I am doing the “What’s in your bag?” assignment worth three points. Jack Spencer is all business, but he does have a soft side. This can be seen from the photo of his late mother poking out of his Italian leather …

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Edie’s Bag

This Visual Assignment is the What’s In Your Bag? (3 stars) Assignment required for our characters.

Below is Edie’s Waz’s Bag

The items that fell out are:

duct tape
a bag of tissues
$20 bill
black ink pen
a bracelet, an earring
various credit cards and IDs
hand sanitizer…

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What’s in Andrea’s Bag.

 Andrea has a few items in her bag. She has only kept the items that mean the most to her, as she has had to sell the rest. Andrea is very sentimental and  has a note from her former husband, along with his favorite pen, before he died. The note …

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