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Web Assignments

InkleWriter Baseball: Pressure Pitch

This is the create and host an interactive story using Twine assignment worth 3 points.

You can find the story here.

I changed this a little bit. I don’t really love Twine. I prefer Inklewriter, depending on what I’m trying to accomplish. I decided to use that for this assignment …

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Sylvia Resume

Characters Resume – 3 stars

For this assignment, I just compiled together all of my achievements. It might sound a little braggy but after all, it is a resume, you’re suppose to put yourself on a high horse. I used Microsoft Word and picked a resume template and saved it …

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Sittin’, Waitin’, Wishin’.

If Twitter existed during our era, I dream you would tweet me just what I wanted to hear . It would be worth so much more than a mere three stars … In fact, it would be worth more stars than there are in the sky.

But unfortunately, I haven’t …

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Isabelle McIntosh-Storify

I picked this 2 Star project in order to give the background of my character.  I thought it was an excellent way to develop her character.  I used Storify and I illustrated it with pictures I have posted on Flickr.   I tried to embed it but it wouldn’t work.  Here …

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