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NNTF Trivia!

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Dreamer or Quitter QUIZ!

I have been question myself a lot lately wither I’m a dreamer or a quitter based on events on my life! I found out I’m not a quitter!

I want to share this life events with fellow class mates since we are starting our agencies and we are so excited! …

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Put Away Your Books…Pop Quiz!

What is the best way to really learn something? A quiz, of course! That is why I chose to complete the “Pop Quiz!” assignment. It states: Using a free online quiz service (I used PollSnack), create a quiz that shows off your knowledge of a particular story. Try to make …

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Hit Me Questionnaire

The agency is called Hit Me and for now that’s all you need to know.

This Web Assignment is called Pop Quiz (2 stars) but I put a little spin on it. Instead of making a “quiz,” I made a questionnaire that is for the clients of our agency. There …

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Pop Quiz Granddaughter and Grandma edition!

For this assignment I made a quiz pertaining to the lives of my character and Kendall Parker’s character Julia James, who happens to be my granddaughter! I have 10 questions on the quiz 5 for each of the character’s lives which should be simple relating to our stories. I created …

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