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Week 11 Assignments

Blood Stains Extra, No Questions Asked

Happy Easter, or whatever you celebrate. Stella and I have been in the CC since 9:00 am because well we don’t really celebrate Easter. But here is a bunny.

Empty convergence center….how am I supposed to eaves drop and ruin people’s lives if no one is around #noir106 #ds106

— …

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NNTF beocmes NSNP

Well. I already posted all this stuff about our agency, but I haven’t even told you guys what that agency is. My bad. Anyway. Stella, Mick, Billy, Jack and I have created the agency: No Stain, No Problem. Basically, in Lehman’s terms, we’re a cleaning agency. We clean up any …

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Bloody Hell

Well. Our agency’s website obviously needed a banner, and wouldn’t you know it, there was an assignment in the assignment bank entitled Website Banner. This was worth 4 stars. I didn’t really think it was that hard though. I tried to add some extra effects to make the 4 …

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Groom Saves the Day

Today’s daily create was stupid. I had to photoshop a puppet out of a dumpster. I am starting to wonder if this is even a real class. I think Stella’s bitterness may be rubbing off on me. But oh well. I decided to use this Groom character in my masterpiece, …

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Vacuum Cleaners SUCK

Well. For this new agency, I decided I needed a business card. I’m a VIP and obviously need something that says so. Not only am I the Stain Queen, I am also the Manager of this place. Get on my level. No Stain, No Problem is ready for YOUR mess! …

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Gonna Drink Bacardi While Feelin’ 22.

Today’s Daily Create was to make Black a birthday card. Now. Birthdays just mean you are another older…and another year closer to “having more responsibilities.” Who really has time for that? No one.

So here you go black. Hope you’re blasting T-Swizzle all day, and enjoying being old.

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