straight down the line

week 2

His name is Marcus Jackson.

A tall, intelligent, and arrogant college student.

Marcus was in a bar watching his college football team. He had been invited to go, but decided to not go to live event. It doesn’t matter anyway. In a couple of week he will be kicked out of school. Into the unknown. …

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Noir Downpour Pt. 2 : A Summary

The second week of Digital Storytelling: Noir was challenging, but rewarding.

There were many writing assignments this week, which were a bit difficult to format and complete, but I received some advice from Ms. Burtis on how to contextualize my posts. This made them easier to read once I went …

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Marcus and the Tiger

Using the website, I got these 10 words:
Fiery predator jackknife defect modern arms bird harmonic distribution odd
My animal, Tiger.

Now onto the short story.

Marcus was walking through the Asian jungle in China. He was on a quest to find a harmonic bird so he can record it …

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Life as a Hammer

I have a headache.

Had one all my life. Just once you think the pain will going away, it comes back. Usually I would have to stare at my prey before I start beating the crap of it. I don’t why my prey always wants to pick a fight with …

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Weekly Summary; Week 2

This was week was all dedicated to noir and I finally think I am understand the concept. (yay) As I mentioned in my Noir readings post some of the readings were a little challenging to understand at first but the more noir I read the better I understood the concept.…

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Writing Assignments

Apps Galore- 3 Stars

This writing assignment required that one visualize what phone apps would a fictional character have on their phone. The fictional character I used was Jeffrey Davidson my character dossier that I made for class. Jeff does not have a lot of apps on his phone mostly …

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The rise and fall of Jeffrey Davidson

Jeffrey was born in Los, Angeles, California to a single mother. Growing up it was just his mom and his father was not in picture. Growing up Jeff was very distant. He did not have a lot of friends and did not talk a lot. People often took his silence …

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