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Week 3 Assignments

Can’t Buy A Cheap Purse in This Chinatown

Chinatown was a fantastic movie. I actually chose to watch this one because on Switched at Birth on Monday, Bay and Emmett went and saw it and were talking about Film Noir and I was like….. this is a sign that Chinatown is for me! I went into it without …

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A Safari With No Giraffe??

Well THIS week we got to go on a safari! But not just any safari. There were no giraffes (which was lame) but instead there were Noir Aspects! Here are the 5 I chose to do.
(PS Thanks to Kelsey for being my model.)

Dramatic Use of Distinct Shadows:

Lighting …

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Killer’s Shadow

Killer’s Kiss was very disappointing. I did not like the movie, or the storyline, however I did find a lot of aspects of Noir within it. Noir is captured through dramatic lighting and angles. The dark storyline and difficult love story also proved to be important aspects of the film.…

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Silent Mary

Today’s Daily Create was to show silence in a movie.

I took pictures of words around campus to tell a story, silently.…

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Just Call Me Missing In Action

Would a rose by any other name smell so sweet?

My last 3 stars are going towards my Acrostic Poem.

I wanted to use three words that had meaning to me, but may not be understood by others right away. I chose the words Mermaid, Island, and Airplane.

The …

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From Checkbooks to Lipstick

A little glimpse into Blair’s life. Be Prepared, or Scared, or both……

For 3 mandatory stars, we had to create some type of bag for our character (What’s in Your Bag?), and spread its contents out. Now as you all obviously know (since you’ve read up on my …

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Worth 2.5 stars, for one of my visual assignments I decided to do Shakespearean LOL Cat. Basically what you had to do was take a picture of a cat and put a quote from Shakespeare that had to do with what was going on in the picture.  This one …

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Do You Wanna Build a 2048?

Daily Create January 28


You can play the game by clicking here, and follow Anna and Elsa through their story. Can you help thaw a frozen heart?

I made this because 1. I love Frozen …

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