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week 4

Week Four: Listening More

This week was all about audio and how it contributes to storytelling. To learn about this, I completed several tasks. The software I use for audio editing is Garageband, so I didn’t need to download Audacity, although I did complete some of my first projects using it!

1. Audio Storytelling…

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911 Call

911 Call – 3.5 STARS

For this assignment, I did a fake 911 call of a woman with a hangnail.

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Audio Reflection

Sound impacts mood and creates atmosphere by drawing attention to the listener and allowing them to interpret how the sound makes them feel. For example, “spooky sounds” create a dark, somewhat uncomfortable tone. Sound helps express the visual image by defining mood and directing our attention. Sound is emotionally direct, …

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Sound Effect Story

For my sound effect story, I did sounds to tell a story of my character (Claudia Rose) sneaking into rob someone’s house before she met her husband.

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Daily Create

Today I did the daily create for International Dot Day. International Dot Day is about how one small dot can become so big (I had no idea about today until googling it).

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