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Week 6 Assignments

1 Week Until Spring Break!

This week was pretty long, but not too complicated. I procrastinated as usual, and attended a conference at Mary Baldwin, but I’m doing this at 7pm instead of 11pm, so I’m getting better, right?


This is how happy I am that  I’m done so early:

Anyway, here is a …

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Paternity Tests Change NOTHING

NOIR not the father- Maury style talk show


Stella Vaughn – Talk Show Host
Blair Morgan – Crime Scene Clean-up Informant
Billy “Saw” Steel – Suspect in killing wife Jackie
Michael “Ol’ Mick” Bretton – affair with Jackie, Jackie and “Ol’ Mick” plan to murder Steel


Stella hosts…

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Ripping Jack



I really do love tweeting along to DS0106 Radio. These shows are always entertaining, and they give me something to do that is a little more fun than homework. Here are my tweets from Feb 19, which is when I tweeted along. You can find out a lot …

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This week, we are working on forming our radio shows. We had to create a poster/logo/etc for it. Creating a poster for our radio show proved to be a lot of fun. The title is Noir Not the Father. Our radio show is a Maury style show, where Stella Vaughn …

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Mia’s iPod Circa 2008

Audio week is back again, and the assignment bank is back in action. This week we are required to do 10 stars, with at least 5 dedicated to our character. While this assignment is not dedicated to Blair, it was still fun and worth 3 stars. The assignment was entitled …

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