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Week 7 Assignments

Back to Clam Digging for a Week

IT IS FINALLY  SPRING BREAK YAYYYY  (well after I finish this post, which I am doing on Saturday at 10 am, not Sunday at 11 pm).

This week has proven to be challenging, AND FUN. I originally thought that I would hate everything about a group project, but I didn’t.…

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I Mean, You’re Welcome

I just love commenting on people’s pieces. It was definitely more challenging this week, since there ere significantly less posts than usual. I’m almost done with all my assignments for the week AND I’M SO HAPPY. But everyone’s Daily Creates and Radio Show updates were on point, and I’m really …

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ALWAYS Listen to Grandma.

Today’s Daily Create was to Select 5 emojis and use them as a prompt for a unique story.

So here are the emoji’s I was given by the internet

And here is my short story-

Grandma had to choose the best prince for me, the beautiful princess. I wanted a …

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Life Is Short- Smile While You Still Have Teeth!

Today’s Daily Create was to make a video that showed 5 things that bring you joy. Here is my video, featuring my top 5 things, and a minor mess up in editing at the end. yolo. (featuring a slowed down version of T-Swizzle’s Wonderland)

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