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BWA at Work

This week we began our case files for the BWA which included me updating on my personal blog as well as our BWA blog.

While we were investigating the disappearance and possible catnapping of NoirCat. I updated you about our progress 4 times.

1. Beginning Our Work  2. Evidence   3. …

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Time Lapse

I created (3 star) video assignment called Time Lapse in which one takes multiple 1-2 second clips of a single location. They then combine all the clips together so that the change of that location can be seen throughout the day. Similarly to the following video.…

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Selfie Story

I created a video assignment called Selfie Story. For this (4 star) assignment, one must use selfie pictures and clips to tell a 1-2 minute long story. One can add sound effects or music to make it more interesting to the viewers.

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The Darkening Agency Update #2

While investigating, Jota and Black have been spotted safe on the UMW campus though they have been walking around a little suspiciously, almost zombie like. Caleb and I believe their behavior is due to their kidnapping. Jack is still no where to be found though we have some ideas to …

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The Darkening Agency Update #1

We have received and read through our first case “You Don’t Know Jack” and have begun our search for the so called “Jack” who has likely taken taken Jota and Black captive. We will find you! We began our search in the ITCC the intelligence center of the ds106 agency. …

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sparkling At The hotel -#2

When Rose and I arrived at the hotel we checked in and we separated to go to our rooms. I was too tired from that long trip to California so I laid down on bed. Then I remembered we don’t have time to rest. We need to start our investigation …

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