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Weekly Update

I have been involved in the You Don’t Know Jack case for the past 2 weeks. we had a slow start but the investigation picked up quickly this week here are this weeks updates on the case. The case has been officially solved and the criminal will be handled responsibly.…

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Darkening Agency Update #4

A lot has happened in the past few day in the agency, the You Don’t Know Jack Case was solved after analysis of evidence and the capture of our suspect “Jack.” Moe, using the alias Jack, confessed in an intense interrogation with Caleb and I. He has been booked and …

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The Darkening Agency Update #3

Caleb and I have found new evidence on who Jack may be. We believe he is a student at the University of Mary Washington, using “Jack” as an alias. We believe he is an upperclassmen as well as a student who took digital storytelling. We had gotten a mocking letter …

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