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Week 9 Summary- Getting Into Film Making

This week was full of joy! I had to many good mementos in this class this week starting with daily creates, listening to my radio show live, and making the videos! It was interesting learning some cinematic tricks and techniques from famous hollywood films.

This week I have done 


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DS106 Radio week 2

This week I listened in on Dinner Party at 6 and part of Noir Buzz. Dinner Party at 6 was very interesting though hard to figure out what was happening. Something that may have been helpful would have been some vocal cues to which character was saying what so that …

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Goodbye Radio, Goodbye Dead Silence

I was so excited to here my show Dead Silence live on the radio and once I saw what everyone tweeted about it, my day was made. It seemed as if everyone had enjoyed listening to the shows as much as I enjoyed creating it. I loved my group, Abigail …

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Week 9 Daily Creates

Monday: A Dream Staircase

The name of this piece is “Start Small, End Big,” these are my steps to end world hunger. Although there is much more that goes into being able accomplish each step such as money, education, and time, I thought it would be best to go a …

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