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Week 5 Summary: The Design Process

This week I was introduced into design patterns. At first I was a little confused between design and visual creation, but The Vignelli Canon helped cleared that up for me. I didn’t realize that different types of patters like rhythm, form and symbols can drastically change the viewer’s perception of …

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Its Getting Hazy Out There….

Design Technique: Dominance

I took a picture of outside while it was getting dark. In the picture it looks like the entire environment was blending together into one “hazy” view. I consider this to be the type Dominance. The reason because mine and probably your initial view of the center …

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What’s Really in Your Burrito?…

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – (3 Stars)

Everyone seems to rave about how great Chipotle is. And its much healthier than Taco Bell…right? But what if Chipotle was really run by Taco Bell, just so they can create that illusion. Mind Blowing isn’t?

To create this logo, I had …

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Spidey Rocking The Pasta Bling…

The Daily Create – Play with your food.

For this daily create, I decided to make a pasta necklace. This was actually more difficult to create something interesting with so I decided to put on my Spider-Man mask. “Why?” You may ask yourself…The world may never know.…

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Very Retro. Very Slow. Still an Awesome Game….

The daily create for Street Fighter II.

For the daily create, we had to play old arcade games on a website. Scrolling down, I found an old game I use to play as kid….STREET FIGHTER II. I was so excited to play the game, however there was one problem. The …

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Understanding Copyright…..

Originally, I didn’t give much thought copyright. Before I did any research, all I knew about copyright was the symbol; a c with a circle around it. Afterwards, I finally learned its a process when someone creates something and wants the government to protect their right to make a profit …

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DS106 Wallpaper….Noir Style

DS106 Wallpaper! – (4 Stars)

I created a DS106 wallpaper with a Noir theme design. First, I chose the background color to be black and white. Given that one of the themes in many Noir movies is the use of black and grey, I decided to make the background black …

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Mutant Power: Pyrokinesis…..

My superpower would to be able to create fire…..

To be honest, I had several powers I wanted to have. However due software limitations, pyrokinesis was the easiest to produce visually. What I did was put on a glove, stood in front of a fireplace and took a picture. Then …

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“More Human than Human….”

The Design and Noir Elements in Blade Runner

This movie contains many instances of Noir design throughout the movie. The setting for the movie is very dark. The lights are usually dim unless they on a ship. One huge example of this was when the main character, Rick Deckard, played …

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The Vignelli Knows What He’s Talking About…..

This booklet discusses numerous types of designs that I’ve never considered when I create media. One topic discussed in the booklet was ‘Type Size Relationship’. I was interested in how to manipulate the reader with different types font. Certain sizes can capture a reader’s eye and interest. However, if the …

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