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Weekly Reflections

Cracking Open Jack’s Case: A Reflection

This week I focused on working on my case. I was assigned “You don’t know Jack.” This case is focused around helping Bond find out who this mysterious Jack character is.

I initially started out the week a little late due to personal conflicts. When I did get started I …

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Here we go again: A Reflection

This week felt almost like a reset. I began work to set up a brand new webpage for my agency. The webpage with all required (and some bonus pages) can be found here.

I completed 10.5 stars worth of assignments. I did 6 stars of web assignments (My

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The Photoshop Rush: A Reflection

This week was tough. I had two major exams in two really hard classes (instrumental analysis and physical chemistry aka what happens when physics calculus and chemistry have a baby). I put off my work for ds106 because I knew it would not majorly impact my grade in this class …

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Writing for Days: A Reflection

This week was very heavily reading and writing focused. I personally am the slowest reader in the world and am not used to creative writing at all. This week was a little more challenging in that regard. I did, however, enjoy the two readings I did. I read The Postman …

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