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Weekly Summary Post

It’s Week Twelve. . . Almost There!

The knowledge is tremendous! The video’s are great . . . Week Twelve video was short and sweet – directly to the point:

Red and I got our Agency Noir Illusions registered early on so that we could get our case and get to working on it . . .…

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Week 11 What More Can I Say!!

Week 11 – seems nice and short plus the video was also short but still very informative! Low and behold though it may seem short but far from it . . . lots of work. . . work . . . work!!

This week we started forming our Agency . …

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Two-Thirds in . . . Week Ten ds106!

Watched our video for week ten! Some good discussion but seems things are changing-up for us!

Daily creates were easy for my predecessor but I enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! They were quick and easy but yet good results in the end! After making my creations I took …

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Nine Weeks of NOIR106!

Watched our video for week nine!

Really enjoyed doing the daily creates! They were quick and easy but yet a good result in the end! I know this is what was intended by this assignment and finally have a grip on it! After making my creations I took a picture …

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Half Point – Week Eight Summary

I began the week late as I was out of town for the first four days of the week which made things a little tight schedule wise! But I still was able to manage and get it all done without much stress!

I listened to the recording and read the …

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Noir Radio Days – Week 6 & 7!

What an interesting and quick-moving week. Radio days started really well! We have Spencer Scott, Cody Walker, Brenda Levoy, Emily Bostaph, and myself Barbara Hall. With five members of our group we quickly determined that we would need at least 25 minutes of show.

A Google Doc was created for …

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The Design of Noir 5 Weeks In

I watched the video and as usual picked-up some pretty good tips from it and every single week so far. It’s interesting how I have looked all the way back to week one and remember the fear and the overwhelming feeling but yet here I am in Week 5 still …

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Audio Storytelling Week – 4

Last week seemed to be a better week as I really began to understand things more and more. Watching the weekly video is always helpful and I like that you can go back to it and listen again to make sure you have things right.

I went ahead and downloaded …

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