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Weekly Summary – Week Thirteen

Week Thirteen

It has been a wild ride for Claudia Rose and I, trying to uncover the mystery of this Jack case. Although it was tiring at times and I could barely carry myself to the bathroom, we finally made a resolution after multiple clues and pathways towards our target.…

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Summary of the case and what happened with Groom!

Groom and Misha both lived in CA at once when they were a part of a Mafia Group. Groom turned Misha to the police and Misha survey for a while there! During that time, Groom moved got married and moved to VA to start his new job at UMW. When …

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Weekly Summary – Week Twelve

Week Twelve

This week has started off with a different route than most of the weeks we have had before in this DS106 semester. As mention in the previous weeks, we were to make an agency that was to solve a specific case file. It was intimidating at first, but …

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We Are getting there- Week 12 Summary

This week we have been posting updates through all our sites and our agency site! We have been posting and updating things on Flickr, Twitter as well as our blogs.

Here are the updates from this weeks posts



We recently got a request …

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I was this close to getting my shit together…

So remember last week when I said I was going to be better and get all my assignments turned in on time? Yeah, um, well we can all see how well that turned out. I’m pretty sure I went from being the star student to being the most hated, in …

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Weekly Summary – Week Eleven

Week Eleven

This week at first seemed a bit intimidating since we were asked to make another website specifically for our “agency”. We had the choice to work solo or in groups so I decided to be smart with this one and chose to work alongside Claudia Rose in a …

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Week #11 Summary “A life changing event”

This week has been one of the longest but definitely lots of experience. I have been working with Rose King to finish up our agency and I have also been using my own life experience with Roses to come up with SparKing!

Daily Creates


And who would …

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