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The Finale

This post wraps up my work for the semester in ds106! I tried to get as much work done as I could these last two weeks, but between finals, baseball, and searching for off-campus living for next year, I was not able to work on a final case. I did …

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Week 13 Made Me Do Some Scooby-Doo Stuff

I hadn’t expected myself to become this invested in a made up group. But here we are. I suppose I’ve always been that way. I liked relating the story to my other chatacters and to real life people like Professors Groom and Whalen. I really liked this assignment.


The …

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Cheaper by the Dozen

This week was the first time that Blair Morgan, Jack Sadler, Ol Mick Bretton, Stella Vaughn and I officially worked together as a part of our new agency, No Stain No Problem (NSNP), and boy did we have some work to do! Our first caller of the week had us …

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Week 12 Was Strangely Ok

I created the agency, The Winter Association whose main purpose is to bring the world towards Utopia by removing all the people who hold darker intentions from existence. Harsh, I know. They’ve taken on the case of The Night Driver.


Primary Media:

I’m using the Winter Association’s main website …

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The Love Finda Agency has been in action and is hard at work at solving the case of the Night Driver. El Jota and I have decided to use audio updates as our primary source to keep everyone informed of our progress.

Update 1:

Man oh man, this agency stuff …

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Hang TEN

This post wraps up my work for the week in Noir 106. What happened this week? Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

First, in case you haven’t already figured this out, I, Billy Steel, took over complete control of this blog. I don’t know what the previous blogger was …

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Another week in the books. This semester is flying by! But this week was highly video focused, which was a little hard for me since my video editing skills isn’t what I would like it to be. Here is what I got into this week:

Participate in Radio Show Listen

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Week 9 Has Ironed Me Out and Folded Me Up

Audio had been the bane of my existence before I was introduced to video. Sooooooo much work goes into it that I feel like a piece of my life span goes into my final project. A five minute video would take in actuality five hours to complete and I’m just …

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