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This assignment was to create a haiku using a picture.  This picture is also featured on my flickr website, so checkout my profile! This picture is of me on a friend’s motocross track.  It was much nicer that day than it is now.  Motocross has been a part of my …

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Haiku It Up

This assignment was to create a haiku using a picture that you took. This is a picture I took during the last harvesting season. The haiku will be told through my character’s view.

The air is dusty again

but the dream is so clear

the land is our future…

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Little poem, big message!

This haiku was inspired from a photo that I took after a summer basketball workout at Pratt Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia, my hometown! I love this image because my goal to play college basketball was realized when I made the UMW women’s basketball team! The hard work that I put …

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Merry go round

This was a random picture of a merry go round that I love along with a haiku that I thought could go with it. I was raining that day and the ride was fenced off like it has been unused for a while.


unknown mystery

creepy faces in the …

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