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One for the Angels

This is a poem comprised of The Twilight Zone episode titles.

One for the Angels

Long live Walter Jameson!

The hitch-hiker, the obsolete man, the Rip Van Wrinkle caper:

he’s alive. Execution, in his image-

static, dust, steel.

Ninety years without slumbering. It’s a good life.

On Thursday we leave …

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Cue The Music

Come Wander With Me

I Am the Color of Night

Color Me Black

Queen of the Nile

The Old Man in the Cave

 Ring-a-Ding Girl

The Living Improvement of Salvadore Ross

I Sing the Body Electric

A Quality of Mercy

The Arrival

The Silence

The Mind and The Matter

The …

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What you’re about to read is a nightmare.

Where Is Everybody?

I Shot An Arrow Into The Air,
A Quality Of Mercy.

The Four Of Us Are Dying.

Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville,
The Parallel,
The Incredible World Of Horace Ford.

On Thursday We Leave For Home –
The Hunt,
Ninety Years Without Slumbering.

And When The …

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I came, I wrote, I conquered: Writing Assignments

For my first assignment I have chosen to make a poem out of Twilight Zone Titles. Here it is!

Night Call,

Little Girl Lost,

Come Wander With Me,

What You Need,

is The Hunt,

for The Midnight Sun,

Sounds And Silences,

You Drive,

Nothing In The Dark,

The Encounter:

The …

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