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A Trip and a Fall


3 stars: I worked with July Laszakovits and we combined not only our characters, but also our assignments. We created a story map to depict the traveling that occurs during this story assignment that includes 10 random words and an animal of our choice. The ten words and the …

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A Canary

Writing Assignment

Random words: optional, source, decadence, bloody, kind, animal, biological, balloon, audio, halting.

Random animal : Canary

I am relating this post to my character!

Edie walked up to the bar. A deflated balloon blew in the cool night air is the rain splattered down around her. She heard …

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Marcus and the Tiger

Using the website, I got these 10 words:
Fiery predator jackknife defect modern arms bird harmonic distribution odd
My animal, Tiger.

Now onto the short story.

Marcus was walking through the Asian jungle in China. He was on a quest to find a harmonic bird so he can record it …

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Once upon a time

flatness morbid eyes abnormally careless tense pounding vast predatory bumble

The little rabbit was tense when he saw the wolf coming out of the woods.  The wolf could smell the rabbit, moving to his predatory stance.

The rabbit looked at the flatness of the meadow and decided to cross the …

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Short Story Using 10 Random Words

This is a short story assignment about an animal using ten random words from a word generator. I don’t think it will be published by a professional but it is a good effort…These are the words: fighter, swallow, rush, counting, magazine, volunteer, vital, salary, faithful, and million.

Being a volunteer …

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In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

I decided to do the writing assignment:

Short Story with random words and animal(s)

It was dark tonight. The shadows danced throughout Boston’s alleyways. Propaganda lined the city’s walls proposing that the police should be driven out. It’s been like that for a while now. No one trusts the Boston …

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Short Story with 10 Random Words and an Animal

I used the random word generator and my words are:  pieces, officer, amber, prime, awful, fool, loop, abstractly, blaze and parallel.  The animal I chose is a cat.

When I woke up this morning my cat was laying on my face.  I felt awful and I knew it was going …

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The Pug and the Horse

This is the “Once Upon a Time…..The End” prompt. The words I got were liquid, sadness, autopsy, hoofs, federation, finger, forest, hospital, crossfire and periodic.

One night, a fawn pug had gotten out of the his master’s house and my now roaming the dark forest. He was sniffing a large …

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A Restless Night

Early that morning there was a large crash against the window. Isabelle Franklin sprung out of bed to find nothing in sight other than the huge crack in the fence that surrounded her front lawn. She chose to ignore the racket and attempt to go back to sleep. She laid …

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