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I Can’t Believe I Watched This Movie

So, I’m hitting up the cinema the other day with my friend Shirley, and we decided to go see a re-showing of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

This is, surprisingly, the first time I’ve ever seen this film. I think I can sum up my whole opinion on the …

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The God Father, Movie Review

Pretty straight forward, write a review of a movie. Don;t be afraid to use images, GIFs, and clips to support your discussion, but focus on the text. Make an argument about the film, no lame thumbs up nonsense.

3 Stars!

Gambino here. First and foremost the movies a joke. …

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Review of “Inherent Vice”

The movie Inherent Vice came out this past winter starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It feels like the movie starts of in the thick of the story drawing you in closer to the main character who is a private investigator willing to help his ex get …

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