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Dear Diary…

3 stars

For this assignment I did the writing assignment entitled “Dear Diary” but instead of doing this in the perspective of a Disney Villian, I am doing it in the perspective of my noir character Sylvia while using Lawrence, Tiffany Yowell’s character as my character’s love interest.

Dear Diary,…

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Sincerely, Shannon Mills

Dear Diary… (3 Stars)

For this assignment, you were supposed to write from the perspective of a Disney Villain, but I instead chose to write a diary entry from the perspective of our Noir Soap Opera villain Shannon Mills, which is how I got this piece below:

Dear Diary,

In …

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Dear Diary, From Layla Arkwood

This assignment involved writing a diary entry for a disney villain. However, I changed it to suit the Collaborative Character assignment we needed to do. Instead of a disney villain, it will be from my noir character, Layla Arkwood. This particular entry is a continuation of my group’s radio show

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