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Twitter Trends Turned Lyrical Poetry- “Chain Saw”

Here is my poem about the character I created, Billy “Saw” Steel, using the hottest Twitter Trends. It is called “Chain Saw”


If Billy Steel was an #NHLAllStar

It would be for his fists.

He’s tough as nails, and

He’d knock out Oliver Twist.


His family life’s a …

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From Bev: Running Elections while falling in love



They sent me to Greece to monitor the problems
the problems with Syriza and Tsipras –
to make sure that the Greece Elections
weren’t going to fall apart, but

all I can do is listen and listen
to Ed Sheeran. Maybe it’s because
I don’t know if I …

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This Poem Is Trending

The following text is a poem inspired by today’s trendiest Twitter topics, as seen in the image below:

Note: Please do not take this poem seriously.

(image captured on 1/24/15)


Forty five seconds was all it took

for Sarah Palin to accept her BET Honors award;

she waved it …

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He was supposed to be in Wilmington


As I combed through the aisles
of Walmart
for an Xbox. But I cannot stop thinking about that
Triangle that Wayne was holding yesterday. Why
was he holding it? What
was he doing with it? He was supposed to be
in Wilmington. He was supposed to …

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Rap Trends and Orange Soda


This assignment really had my creative juices flowing. With twitter trends being something I check up on everyday, I thought it would be fun to write a poem that included the current trends. Well, writing this at around 10 pm gives you a lot of TV show trends….which are …

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