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Tutorial: how to successfully pass this class

I realize that I still have yet to post a tutorial for this class. So, without further ado, a tutorial on how to successfully pass Ds106.

1. Know what you’re getting into early. This class is fun, but it will suck up your time like none other.

2. Make your …

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I Can’t Believe I Watched This Movie

So, I’m hitting up the cinema the other day with my friend Shirley, and we decided to go see a re-showing of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

This is, surprisingly, the first time I’ve ever seen this film. I think I can sum up my whole opinion on the …

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Will Work For Lipstick

I have finally put my writing talents to work and have created a resume for you all to enjoy. I must say, the one page format was rather limiting, and unfortunately I could not include ALL of my banking experience. However, if you must, go look at it.

Also, as …

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Better Bigger Faster Stronger…


*surprise y’all could you see this post coming?!?!*











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Tweet Along Home Kiddies

Aight so I listened to the noir radio “Dinner at 6″ Thursday night…. the general premise of the show is like the game, Clue. There were a bunch of characters and their host was killed- so the group is trapped and has to find the killer among them.

It’s weird- …

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Endings Are For Losers

Tis time for the final reflection for the radio show project.

Listening to the show live was INCREDIBLY weird and a little stressful… mainly because I didn’t know if people would like our show. It looks like not too many people tuned in, which makes sense as it was St. …

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Mhm Mhm Yes, Let Me Tell You What I Think

I tuned in to ds106 radio on Thursday night at 9pm to listen in on “Noir Not the Father”. The main premise of the show was that two spurned lovers of a dead woman were caught in a paternity battle over the unborn child. In a twist, turns out the …

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L’inspiration IV

The final inspiration post. To all those other bloggers who I didn’t see, I’m sure your work is fabulous and I apologize from the very bottom of my little ol’heart that I didn’t get a chance to blog about you.

Take a deep breath, people!!!!!! Are you ready. Are you …

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L’inspiration III

Movin’ on through the inspiration train!

Man, I’m looking at my titles for these inspiration posts and I can’t help but think that they’re boring as dirt. (unless you’re a geologist). Am I going to change them, though? God, no. They’re staying as they are.

Moving on….

…to my third …

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