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1st Weekly Summary

I feel that I have adequately completed the assignments given to me this week. The only thing that gave me trouble was attempting to edit my profile information on a couple of my accounts. I enjoyed looking at content posted by others on social media sites and getting to know more about the ds106 class and what it entails. This week I learned how to make videos and record sound on my computer, two things I had not attempted before. The only thing I would need help with would be to ask how to edit certain aspects of the social media sites I am now a part of and a natural issue I will overcome is the quality of the Soundcloud and Youtube submissions.

I feel that I have greatly expanded my knowledge of the subject known as noir within the past week due to carefully reading and taking notes on the readings Notes on Film Noir and the introduction to More Than Night. These texts outlined common elements, stylistics, and themes found in noir as well as how noir has evolved over time. I am really looking forward to starting the Daily Creates.

The Scooby Doo episode “The Backstage Rage” and the Courageous Cat episode “The Case of the Cat Cave Treasure” both contain very few elements that would be considered noir. The gangster-like frog in Courageous Cat and the printing of counterfeit bills in Scooby Doo are the episodes strongest ties to the noir style. The rest of the episode either pokes fun at noir or becomes comedic in order to appeal to children. The Bugs Bunny episode “Racketeer Rabbit” has a stronger film noir feel due to the episode taking place at night and a fight ensuing between the police and the criminals Bugs Bunny encounters. Again, the episode becomes more light-hearted and steers away from the hopelessness that encompasses much of noir. The sense of hopelessness and wishing for better times in the past found in noir can be identified in The Truth Podcast’s Moon Graffiti episode. When the astronauts realize they will not be returning home, they decide to write their final messages in the dirt and reminisce about the past and memorialize those who had previously tried and failed to land on the moon. What makes the podcast have a more serious undertone is that Nixon had a speech prepared just in case the astronauts could not make it back to earth. Finally, The Dark Knight is filled with elements of film noir, from the hopelessness and despair of Harvey Dent and the people on the two boats deciding whether or not to blow up the other boat in order to save themselves, to the tragic character of Batman himself and how he creates his own sense of justice. The setting of Gotham is also very noir, with a lot of the movie taking place at night, criminals and psychopaths getting involved, and the stark lighting with rain contrasting against the actors. Out of what I reviewed this week, The Dark Knight definitely contains the most noir content.

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