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8 stars, oh my!

So since I only did 2 other audio assignments to total 8 stars besides the required one, I just decided I was going to post all of the assignments in one post!

The first one (the required one, 3.5 stars) I already blogged about and put it in a separate post because it has to do with my character and I wanted to put it in his category so that post can be found here. 

The second assignment I did this week was to A’Capella With Yourself (1.5 stars).  The actual assignment was to make a recording of yourself singing at least 3 different parts in a song to make it sound like more than one person was singing it.  I had fun making this one in audacity because I like to sing and this gave me an excuse to do that! :)  It also made me more aware of how to use audacity and what not.  First I recorded the melody of the song, then I recorded the high harmony then the low harmony.  Each time I had to scoot the track over to make sure they lined up correctly so there was no echo as it played through.  I picked What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction because I knew it was an easy song to harmonize with (because I do every time it comes on the radio).  There aren’t many songs out there that it is easy to make two harmonies within one voice range!  Anyways, here is the final result!

The final audio assignment I chose for this week was to Recite an Original Poem (3.5 stars) which included writing a poem about my blog (theme, colors, etc.) and then recording myself reading the poem.  I kinda read it with a “mysterious” tone in my voice because I feel that is very noir.  Mysterious describes noir and therefore also describes my blog.  I like writing poetry which is why I chose this assignment.  I like to rap too but I couldn’t think up a ds106 rap for that other assignment.  :( plus i’m not a very good beatboxer so the poem assignment worked out just great!  What I did to prepare for my the reading of my poem was to write it down on a piece of paper and read it off of that as I was recording.  I know, it’s a difficult process.  Here’s what I came up with!

Those are all my audio assignments from this week!

But if you’d like to hear something else I did this week using audacity and soundcloud you could take a listen to this :)

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