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A Curious Child by Isabelle Franklin

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One of the design assignments I chose to do for this week was for my character, Isabelle Franklin. I chose to do the Autobiography Cover design assignment for 2 stars. I used a picture I actually took for my photo safari assignment of my friend, Kelly, working in the lab. I really liked the angle I used and thought I could incorporate it into Isabelle Franklin’s autobiography cover. I tried to keep the fonts fairly simple and minimalistic. The title is A Curious Child because the autobiography is focused on her childhood- growing up and moving to the United States and how her desire for knowledge developed. I debated including her personal motto but eventually decided to add it to add another layer of interest to the cover. I originally tried to place it on the sleeve of Kelly’s lab coat but upon being unable to format it the way I wanted, I chose to put it between the goggles and the glassware as if Kelly is looking through the quote and focused on the ideas behind what she’s trying to do. I found the placement of this quote to be quite powerful while not distracting from the overall cover.

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