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A Restless Night

Early that morning there was a large crash against the window. Isabelle Franklin sprung out of bed to find nothing in sight other than the huge crack in the fence that surrounded her front lawn. She chose to ignore the racket and attempt to go back to sleep. She laid in bed for hours, waiting her eyes to shut yet they stubbornly refused. She had been waiting for days to find out when her cat, Mr. Nubz, would be discharged from the vet’s office. The funny thing was when she took in Mr. Nubz from one of her employees (a rather frivolous woman), he was merely a burden. A sexless cat who was losing tufts of hair had no interest in anything or anyone. The unfortunate hair loss caused Mr. Nubz skin to be red and irritated, and sometimes reminded Isabelle of a baboon which caused her to chuckle. She finally fell back asleep only to wake up again to the sound of her alarm. She immediately went downstairs to start her coffee. She began to butter her toast only to be interrupted by the ring of the telephone. It was the vet, as they talked her eyes teared up ever so slightly and the butter melted on her toast. Like an agent on a mission, she funneled through city traffic to get to the vet’s. When she arrived at the door she took a deep breath that filled her with courage. She entered the door to say goodbye to Mr. Nubz.

This is my “Short Story with Random words and Animal(s)” writing assignment. The following were the words I was given: discharge, crack, burden, agent, baboon, racket, sexless, melt, funnel, and courage. I chose a cat for the animal because I felt my character, Isabelle Franklin, would best be able to relate to a cat. I just started typing and incorporated all the words as best I could.

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