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A Shaky History with Photography

I love film, but does that inherently mean I love photography? Well, yes and no.

I’ve been interested in landscape shots for as long as I can remember. I used to have my parents buy me those disposable cameras as a kid when we went on vacations so I could snap pictures of everything. I’m pretty sure I never once developed any of those, but the interest was undoubtedly there. Film made me fall in love with images in general I suppose, particularly color. I’m all about color. Weirdly though, I’m mostly about subtle colors; strong, simple colors. I like starkness and clear divisions in my photography. I prefer a strong, vibrant landscape of simplicity as opposed to a hectic, flashy one.

Here are a few random shots I took with my phone over Summer a few years back:

ferris wheel angle      Plane Cloud


Light pole


Ironically, I’m not sure if they really fit the description I just gave. That’s an interesting conversation in its own right. Regardless, I think this gives at least something of a background into my photography history. I have little technical background but a ton of passion and hopefully something of a knack for it despite my lack of professional experience. Finally adding some constructive guidance to my undeniable passionate interests would undoubtedly be helpful in bettering my photography skills.

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