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A Women Never Reveals The Secrets In Her Purse

Visual Assignment:

What’s in your bag?

This assignment was a must do assignment. However, I found it really fun to do. I ran around my apartment trying to look for things to put in Emma’s purse, and I even got my roommates to help. A good 20 minutes later and this is what we came up with…

Okay, so let me explain the contents of Emma Marie’s purse.

First, we have her pen and notebook. They’re something she always carries around just in case she gets called into her job. Being a forensic technician can mean taking a lot of detailed notes, and she is always on top of that.
To the right of her notebook is actually her Kindle. Emma is an avid reader and tries to do it as much as possible. She can never get enough of the tragic romance novels.Next is her lotion. Wearing latex gloves can really dry out your hands, so she keeps a travel size bottle of lotion to moisturize… and keep the smell of a dead body away.
The brush and makeup should be self explanatory. Every girl needs to look their best at every possible moment. Besides her red lipstick needs to be reapplied every now and the
The rectangular object in between the brush and makeup is a portable charger. It can be used to charge both her phone and her kindle if need be. Good use when you’re always on the run.
The gum helps keep the smell of decaying flesh subdued when she is checking out a crime scene.
Also minty fresh breath is not a downside.
Both the camera and hair ties are also used for her job. The camera to take pictures of much needed evidence, and the hair ties to make sure nothing gets in her hair.
The last thing is her sunglasses. What can I say? They make her look cool.

For this assignment, I set everything up on my desk and took a picture with my phone. I uploaded it through Flickr and then added the media to the post. That was about it. Nothing to fanciful.


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