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Alternate Ending to.. “The Killers”

“I can’t stand to think about him waiting in the room and knowing he’s going to get it.  It’s too damned awful.”
“Well,” said George, “you better not think about it.” 

In walks a strange character, almost looks to be like he is working with Al and Max; with his pressed shirt and dark black suit.

“Hey, one of you twos know a fella by the name of Ole Andreson?” he said.

The men looked worried.  It was clear they were in shock.

“Hey! I’m talking to yous!”

This guy had a mean Italian/New York accent.

“What’s your name guy?” asked Nick.

“DeMartino,” the mysterious man said, “Vincenzo DeMartino. I am trying to track down a couple of guys we do business with.  Go by the name of Al and Max.  These two are worthless.  I watched them leave here not to long ago so don’t give me any of that bull crap I see all over your faces.” he says as he slides his jacket over to show his piece.

“Nick, take the man to Ole Anderson’s place!”

Nick did so and George followed at a distance to see how it all unfolded.  When they got there, the shadowy Vincenzo busted right up in the door as if it were his own house and made himself at home.  Anderson was there, but no sign of Al and Max.

“We will wait for them here, they will be here anytime now.” Mr. DeMartino mumbled confidently under his breath.

“You’re not here to kill me?” Anderson asked cautiously.

“No.  I am here only to kill the two men that are after you.  They come, I kill, you never speak of this incident again.  Kapeesh?” Vincenzo says back while opening all the cabinets, “Where do you keep the booze around this place?”

The door creeps open, quietly.  All the lights are off.  In comes Al and Max to a sleeping Ole Anderson on his favorite recliner; or so the men think.  They approach him slowly.  Little do they know, Vincenzo is already creeping up behind them.  Gun and silencer in hand, the mysterious savior shoots the two men and disposes of them in the rivine behind the house.

He walks back in the house to a thankful Mr. Anderson.

“On behalf of the Italian Mafia, have a wonderful evening Mr. Anderson.” says the mysterious man.

He walks out the door and is on his way, never to be seen by Mr. Anderson again.


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