straight down the line

Alternate Ending to The Shadow- 3 points


Shadow- Everything, Dr. Evans. Your escape from Devil’s Island after Dubrill’s betrayal of Martan, that resulted in hundred lashes. His resolve for vengeance. From the authorities of Devil’s Island, I learned the truth about Corvet’s … last escape.

Evans- Yes? Yes, I see now why he hated us. But what about Corvet?

Shadow- I knew he would not strike here tonight.

Evans- What? How did you know this? Why did you not tell us?

Shadow- I knew of Martan’s plan and I needed to let it turn out the way it did. To protect you.

Evans- Why are you protecting me?

Shadow- There’s no time to talk about that. You need to go.

Evans- Why?

Shadow- Corvet is on his way here. I do not know how he knows of your presence here, but his is certainly here to kill you.

Evans- Ok, I will leave now!

Corvet- EVANS!!!!

Evans- Oh no, it’s too late. Shadow, what do I do?

Corvet- There you are. Now I finally get to kill you.

Evans- Shadow please help!

Corvet- You fool, I bet you are wondering how I got here. Well let’s just say I have a special friend who told me where you three would be.

Evans- Shadow?

Corvet- Well yes…. Hahah I am Shadow.

Evans- But how? But why? There’s no way.

Corvet- Luckily those two other idiots are already dead. Now it’s time for you to die.

Shadow- Goodbye Evans


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