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Animals are more important than humans

The short story called Debris from Shenandoah literacy was a good short read. I found it very interesting and many different things contributed to making it interesting. The story started out as a seemingly nice couple living on a farm. The lady did seam a little weird about needing to give all the animals that died a burial but at the same time that is very nice. Even though this short story may not have been in a “black and white” setting like most forms of noir are this story does not lack the essence of noir any less. On one account there is a sweet lady who cares about life so much that she has to give even animals a proper burial but she can take a shot gun and kill a random man that she thinks has killed other people. For all the reader knows that man may have just broke into their house and garage and stole things. Noir is in the way this was written because even I felt that he was guilty by just reading what we are told and not looking at the details that are left out. I felt that Emily was a nice lady and could not take a persons life unless there was no other way. Also the cop that seems so incompetent. He doesn’t seem to run an investigation at all but also agrees that this man is the killer. In a way the begging of the animals being dead may have been a way to revel the main story about people being killed.

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