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Another Ending

What I did for week two:

for my first trick, my daily creates

The first daily create was write a haiku that covers our original feelings of the DS 106 class. For mine I tweeted one and used PowerPoint to create another one. On PowerPoint I set an image to the background and he’s a text box right over top with my poem. And then screenshot of it added to Flickr and add it to the post for this daily create: Virgin Haiku of ds106

The second daily create I did was making a picture of a cat on a synthesizer in space. In order to do this I downloaded a few apps on my phone that my friends use for picture editing, and I cropped out the cat and the synthesizer and put them into the picture of space.

cat on synthesizer in space

the 3rd Daily create I did was the eye selfie, in which I just took a picture of my on my phone but on my computer put it on Flickr and posted it to the daily create. Thinking I was clever, I labeled it no(eye)r.


I did a fourth daily create today. I did the word painting. I once again used PowerPoint and set the image as the background. And then used a text box write over it, screenshotted it and put it on Flickr.

small ships


I did customize my blog this week.  I did not take any before or after screenshots, but i changed the names and headings, made the colors more of a noir tone, and changed the theme. Im still learning how to change some aspects, so more will be coming!

Installing Plug-ins: This proved to be one of my greatest challenges this week. It took me a while to find the page on which to activate them. I had downloaded them one day, could not figure out how to get them to work, then I found some spam on my blog. However the next day I was able to delete spam and activate the plug-ins!

I did my character dossier  today as well as introduced her to you. Eden Waz, aka Edie is a young Polish girl and owner of a Bar in Philadelphia. She has been through some rough times. This week was actually my favorite assignment. I thought it was very interesting to have to create a new character. It was a real challenge for me because I’m not used to writing in the tone of noir, let alone writing at all.

reading assignments:

I read the killers this week, and it is very anticlimactic. I was actually kind of upset by the ending and I was expecting something else to happen. Overall it was still a good story and actually kind of surprising how it ended. But I would have liked to have the characters and the story develop more. I also used this story for my Alternate Ending assignment. This story Was very easy to choose for this assignment, as I do not like the ending and wanted it to change. I also would’ve liked to change the ending of the next story I talk about but I guess I’ll save that for another day

I also read the post man always rings twice. sorry is a lot longer than I had anticipated. And I also was not a fan of this ending. I really wish that Cora did not have to die and that Frank did not end up going to jail. I also felt very confused about why they killed the Greek when Frank like him so much. I thought that they could’ve just left and that Cora should’ve sucked it up and gone away with Frank instead of resorting to murder. I wrote more on this in my response Still ringing. I titles my response this way because I consider the ringing to be the crack that Frank hears when he thinks about him killing the Greek.

Other writing assignments: 

My other writing assignments I did this week were unusual superhero and  holifaves. These posts were easy and fun and i Really enjoyed them.

A little late to the party is A Canary, the writing assignment I used to relate to my character. I used a random word generator to create a story around Edie. Hope you enjoy it!

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