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Another Week Comes to an End

Week 2 Summary:

Overall I feel very creative after this week. I have not done creative writing or that creative of thinking in a while. It was fun! I enjoyed the readings for this week, even though they were so long. I read “The Postmen Always Rings Twice”, “The Shadow”, and “The Killers”. A summary of the noir readings, and how I feel about noir, can be found here: Noir Readings . Also, based off these readings I had to make an alternative ending to one. I enjoyed “The Shadow” the most out of three, so I rewrote the ending to it. The process came easy to me, I just imagined a story in which we knew the Shadow’s identity. Then I had to come up with a reason why someone would want him dead, that was fairly easy because there were other characters in the story that people wanted dead. So I just made sure the Shadow’s identity was one of those unlucky people. My alternative ending can be found here: Alternative Ending to The Shadow. After I finished all the readings it was time to create my Character Dossier. I think this was the part of the week that I liked the most. Getting to create a character from thin-air. My character’s name is Veronica, “Red” for short. Her full story and biography can be found here: Meet Veronica. The idea and characteristics for Veronica came from a mix of things: aspects of myself, dreams that I had, and interests to me (such as the 1940s, the period in which she lives). It was again a real creative outlet creating her and I am interested to see if there will be more regarding her story with weeks to come. Next up for this week I had to do numerous writing assignments, which I found interesting. I did four in total (9 stars). Three of them I found really peaked my interests and were fun to do. These three assignments can be found here:Happy Holidays Writing Assignment, Short Story with random words and animal, Write Your Way Into History. The process for creating them was easy. First I found a prompt that interested me in the assignment bank, then I let my “creativeness” take over. Being the history nerd that I am the “Write Your Way Into History” one was my favorite! I also did 3 stars of an assignment regarding my character, Veronica, and her future. For that I simply took the story I had created for her and expanded making her dreams come true in the long run. That story can be found here: Veronica‚Äôs Future. Lastly for the assignments, I did 3 daily creates this week. They were fun, easy, and I was always interested in that the next day’s would be. This week I took a lot of pictures for the daily creates which can be found here: Week 2 Daily Creates!. To conclude this week, I learned how to install plug-ins. Which after playing around for a few minutes I easily figured out. I also played around with my site layout and theme, finally coming up with what you see here! That’s all for this week, and thanks for visiting my Column. Enjoy! -Erin

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