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Are husbands necessary?

Tonight, I listened to my first ever ds106 radio program! At first I was really nervous. When we first tuned in it was super sexual and I was wondering if I was going to need to tune in another night.

But Tiffany‘s bumper finally came on and the show began! As the show went on, it was really interesting to see the role all the things we had just read about had. The sound effects really added to the drama and helped enable the characters to move and develop. The music helped make smooth transitions between scenes. And there were definitely several choice quotes from throughout the night…

Come on, lady. You gotta make up a believable fake name!

It was also quite clear just how feminist-filled our campus is.

My favorite part of the whole experience, however, was actually the tweet-along. It was the first time I really felt like I was able to connect with some of the other students in ds106. And I realized most of the people in this class are hilarious. It was awesome to see their comments, responses, and general sass!

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